Resistance Band Bundle

Resistance Band Bundle

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This Resistance Band Bundle is the ultimate home gym set up if you already have a Band Bar. Resistance Bands are ideal for resistance training and targeting specific areas that will help you get strong no matter where you are! Along with 3 resistance bands, you'll receive a door anchor to help you transform any door into your very own cable machine. Easily loop your resistance bands into the anchor to unlock dozens of exercises you thought weren't possible at home.


  • Light Grey Resistance Band, 20-30lbs
  • Pink Resistance Band, 25-60lbs
  • Purple Resistance Band, 35-85lbs
  • Door Anchor
  • Mesh Carrying Bag

Portable and Versatile

Resistance Bands are light and compact; perfect for storing away, travelling with or keeping in your gym bag. This entire band set can fold up and fit in the included carrying bag.

High Quality 

We've partnered with COREFX to bring you all-natural, premium-grade rubber resistance bands that are made to stand up to repeated stretching and contracting

Maximize Your Bands Potential

Combine this Resistance Band Bundle with The Band Bar to build an entire at-home gym. You'll have everything you need to bring strength training back into your life and fall in love with home workouts!

Customer Reviews

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Love the Band Bar!

As someone who likes to keep exercising and having very little equipment at home, this is a great way to keep exercising! The different resistance bands provide great customization. Thank you.

Love it

I love these bands! They are a must have! Best purchase of bands that I made :)

A must have!

As a middle aged woman who has not been engaged in regular exercise in a long time, I knew I had to get back in shape. The Band Bar is perfect for me! The exercises are fun and I can customize the amount of resistance by using different sized bands. I don't need to purchase anything else. Thank you Band Bar!