The Band Bar



The Band Bar brings traditional barbell exercises back into your at-home workout routine! Our bar is simple to use and fits universally with all long loop resistance bands. Add strength training back into your life by maximizing the use of your long resistance bands. Our Performance Grip is made for the sweatiest of workouts. It's rubber-based, sweat-resistant and double-layered for comfort. The Band Bar is compact and lightweight so that you're able to easily switch between exercises and store them away.


  • Made of heavy-duty hollow steel tubing 
  • Welded discs at both ends to hook your resistance bands onto - this way you know the weight is evenly distributed and your bands won't slip anywhere!
  • Flattened discs so that your Band Bar will stay put in your workout area
  • Performance Grip made of rubber-based, sweat-resistant material with a light tac to give you extra comfort and control. Finger ridges also included
  • Available in 7 performance grip options!
  • Comes with FREE Resistance Band Exercise Database


The Band Bar is 3 feet long, weighs 3.5lbs and has a diameter of 1''. Bands sold separately. 

How to Use

Partner The Band Bar with resistance bands and door anchor to build an entire at-home gym. You'll have everything you need to bring strength training back into your life and fall in love with home workouts!

FREE Exercise Database

We want to make sure you know what you're doing once you receive your Band Bar. That's why we've created a 43 page PDF document that teaches you how to set up The Band Bar with Resistance Bands and a Door Anchor, as well as detailed form descriptions for 100 individual exercises!

Want a Structured Training Plan for Your Band Bar?

We've created the STRONGBAND Program! No matter your level of experience, there is a STRONGBAND Program for you. Level 1 is created for beginners or anyone looking to go back to the basics of strength training. Level 2 is an intermediate level program that is a next-level challenge from Day 1. Save when you purchase both Level 1 and Level 2 together! 

NOTE: The Resistance Band Exercise Database is provided to you as a digital, downloadable PDF that you can save to your desktop or smart device. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to your download once we have fulfilled your Band Bar order. Please ensure to read the instructions accompanying your download link before starting your download.